Encyclical from His Eminence Archbishop Stylianos

To all of our Parishioners & friends of St Anna,

I wish to inform you that our Spiritual Father, His Eminence Archbishop Stylianos of Australia, who for us Orthodox Christians stands in the body and place of Christ in our Church, is speaking up against same gender marriage.

Motivated by His pastoral concern for His flock and as a public figure for all people of Australia, His Eminence has decided to raise His voice and bring our attention to the dangers of the proposed Marriage Amendments Bills before Federal Parliament. As He stated in His recently published encyclical, the proposed alterations to allow same gender marriage is against ‘the sacredness of marriage and the family as taught by the Christian faith and Greek Orthodox Tradition’.

This is yet another step not just towards legalising same-sex marriage, but possibly forcing priests to conduct same-sex marriages in the Church. On June 7, 2012 Denmark voted to force churches in the established Evangelical Lutheran Church to perform same-sex marriages in their sanctuaries.

We must consider it our duty to respond to His Eminence’s calling and raise a voice of opposition, each one of us to our respected Members of Parliament, asking them to vote against the proposed Bills. For this purpose His Eminence directed that a website be established with a facility which allows each of us to voice our protest.

Please go to http://marriage.greekorthodox.org.au and speak up for marriage now and act immediately. Please note, each person must lodge only one submission, however family members may use the same email address multiple times. Please spread this email to as many people as possible and be prepared to be persecuted for your beliefs.



<<Archbishop Styliano's Encyclical - English>>

<<Archbishop Styliano's Encyclical - Greek>>

<<List of Federal Members of Parliament>>


May God be with you!

Fr Romanos Stergiou
e-mail: father@gocstanna.org
PO Box 7796, GCMC, Qld 9726


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